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As humans, nudged by our natural instincts, we frame the world in front of us to make it relatable and understandable. Naturally, we adapt and absorb advances in society without even noticing we have done so. Furthermore, as a society, we are used to believing that technology advances linearly, towards a better future, that the path of development is inevitable, and that it is only a matter of time before advances arrive that improve conditions for all.

This biased thinking is common in all of us and we always look to others to solve the world's complex problems, however large or small. In Givelo, we always believed that this was a fault in our nature and that the only way to achieve true development is through
organizations that see beyond simple personal enrichment. These organizations are the ones responsible for pushing change along the path that each one considers positive for the future of humanity.
The Don't Settle culture is that feeling that moves us, it is behind everything we do, and deep down it is the soul of Givelo. This is how we created our slogan "Don’t Settle",

which alludes to that mentality of always questioning the conventional wisdom of how things are done; always challenging ourselves to go that extra mile, creating products that solve real needs of both consumers and those who produce them. What was just a casual figure of speech, became a way of thinking, working and acting. It became a tool, a guide and a culture. This mentality has been key to doing business in a different way, understanding that companies are made up of people and for people. It is our north, an intrinsic attitude, a core philosophy of ours.

It is what motivates you to give that extra pedal and thus achieve that additional mile. It represents the energy that makes you stand out from the ordinary, to simply fulfil what we are meant to be: extraordinary in whatever we do. Our garments are just the vehicle that will allow us to leave the legacy of the Don't Settle culture in the minds of those who have contact with the brand and, in this way, transcend.

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As a brand, we see our impact on the world as our responsibility and should influence all decision-making within our company. This is no small feat and should be thought of as a continuous improvem...

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