G90 Jerseys

Each pedal stroke, each drive, pushes you closer to your limit. But it’s not the pain in your legs that’s on your mind, it’s the next curve and the pounding in your chest. That’s what we ride for, that’s why each pedal stroke is only part of the story. Born out of a yearning for change, we have combined multiple world-leading materials to create a new meaning of comfort and performance. Mixing textile engineering and design, the G-90 jersey is a cyclist’s go-to garment for a true cycling experience.
Fabric weight: 120g
Sizing: Unisex (women are recommended to scale down by 1 or 2 sizes)
Primary txtiles used: 5
Waterproof pocket
Reflective details

Material Combination

There is no doubt that material selection is paramount to performance and style. The G-90 combines 5 different textiles all in one jersey to produce what we consider a culmination of the ideal silhouette. Each material has been carefully selected to provide optimum functionality and comfort. The sleeves are made from ultra-lightweight pro fabric and the body is made from high stretch fabric that disperses heat quickly to keep you dry.

The Design

All our products start off in the Givelo Lab, the G90 jersey was no different. Each panel and section was carefully designed and contoured to give the precision fit that provides ultimate comfort. Our sleeve cut has a carefully thought out curve around the shoulder to fit close to the body without creating excess under the arm. The rear pockets are angled to improve accessibility and panels under the arm provide breathability exactly where you need it.

Los Detalles

Un pequeño bolsillo mpermeable está ubicado en la parte trasera con una cremallera reflectiva que mantiene tus artículos esenciales secos y seguros. Reemplazamos el elástico en el puño que se usa convencionalmente por una tela ultraligera de corte limpio para mejorar la comodidad en el brazo. En la manga izquierda ncontrarás una banda de tela reflectiva de alta tecnología con perforaciones a laser que mejora la visibilidad y la temperatura de la prenda