When calm turns to chaos


Staying true to the essentials of cycling this new 2023 collection arrives with a brand-new concept – When calm turns to chaos. This new concept runs deep in the veins of all cyclists: The transition from calm to chaos when cycling can happen in an instant. The sudden rush of adrenaline takes over as you pick up speed as you begin your descent or go for the attack. Your gear changes, your heart races and pulses with excitement, and all senses sharpen into focus as every moment is filled with anticipation. There’s something exhilarating about pushing yourself beyond predictable limits where the pain barrier begins to fade. For some moments lost to time, eternity turns into a blur and you are left with the essentials of riding.

Essentials x Ai

This collection brings our visual perception of Calm and Chaos in our jersey designs, generated in part by ai. We have called upon ai tools and asked the question “what does it look like when calm turns to chaos?”. We have taken these textures and images created by ai and moulded them into unique designs.

The Lineup

This year the Essentials collection will feature an extended range of products. The lineup dropping 22.03 this year will feature the following:

3 x Short-sleeve jerseys
2 x Thermal jerseys
1 x Training towel
2 x Cycling Caps
2 x Essentials Chaos Socks

....Drop 2, arriving in April 2023 will feature a brand new 100% recycled fibre bib short.