Behind the Camera G90 2021-3

El Retiro, Colombia

Since its creation, the G90 has exploded onto the cycling market, making it one of our most influential jerseys to date. Originally this jersey was created between two commonly known categories, the “race” jersey, and the “climbers” jersey. It now carries its own identity and its own principles. In this film, we wanted to communicate beyond the tangible (the “what”), and communicate the design feeling behind the product (the “why”). We want to tell real stories of real riders that personify the G90

We set out to speak with those that are close to the brand that represent the G90. Santiago Toro, the owner and founder of Scarab Cycles featured in this latest G90 chapter is just that. Aside from being a road and gravel cyclists since a young age, he is also the owner of a prominent custom bike brand. This video describes Santi one of his road/gravel routes near El Retiro, Antioquia, Colombia. Santiago took us on a short loop starting out at Scarab cycles via some great gravel tracks and back again.

We left Scarab just as the sun was rising, around 5:45am, taking some smooth, and thankfully flat winding roads to begin with. Daniel Bedoya, our videographer and all-round creative video director, on the motorbike following Santi on his cream Gravel Scarab. The area around El Retiro is still very rural with a mix of pine and tropical fauna which made a great backdrop to Santi’s G90 Rosa jersey. Soon enough the rural adventure invited Santi to lead us off the main tarmac road on to the first gravel road that took us deeper into the rural countryside. With the tall trees and the secret off-road tracks, you couldn’t help but feel completely disconnected from the main road and metropolitan life that was only a few kilometers away. In the video you can see Santi relishing the countryside and the pine trees around him. At one stage he through his bike down and just took it all in. Only cycling these roads can you feel the clarity of the air and feel the mind sharp

The riders set out from the Oniria Cafe in Girona to take on the 60 km undulating route and to chase the sunset stained skies as the afternoon draws in. Cleo, Conn and Aleixx are riders of the modern era, they appreciate the classic, but they want to push forward and make cycling what it needs to be in the 21st century. Cycling for joy. Cycling for the adventure and cycling for the lifestyle. The 60km route takes in two mountains, Els Angels and Santa Pellaia which each offer something different as you pass through the quaint Catalan pueblos and into the Gavarres National Park.