Essential jerseys are exactly that, they are the essentials of cycling. All weather, all purpose, pedal-down garments.

Don’t let their minimal design fool you, these jerseys are packed with unique features. However, the concept of our essentials range was never to make them the protagonist, they were to strip jerseys to their bare minimum so the cyclist become the champion of the ride.


Essential jerseys are unisex, therefore we recommend one or even two sizes lower for women (depending on how you like your jerseys). Our mould is considered a European cut, with a slightly slimmer, taller torso and just above elbow-length sleeves.



Aside from the logo heat transfers found on our jerseys, you will also see a set of rounded squares on the hip bone; these squares are designed using the Fibonacci numbers, also known as the golden ratio. The ratio between one square and the other follow the ratio, as a symbol of balance and satisfaction of proportional design.



Like all of our jerseys the material we use is European and of the high textile engineering. It’s a light-medium weight, ideal for multiple weather conditions. This primary material runs throughout the jersey including the sleeves which feature unique laser-cut finishing for that minimal clean look.

Ultra-Lightweight Certified Italian textiles Phenomenal moisture transferUltra reflective fabric Precision fit

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