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Behind the Camera CNCPT 2021

The new CNCPT jersey collection was a new opportunity to for our team to let loose and bring the CNCPT to life. To start with it’s important to tell a little bit more about how this film came about and if you haven’t yet seen the video here it is:

Before making this film we asked ourselves, are we capable of creating something that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, the pit of your stomach empty, and your pupils dilate? If so, it starts to express what this new collection was all about. After the first CNCPT film, we’ve kept along the same alternative lines filming in abstract stepping away from the usual cycling visuals.

Here’s a little explanation behind a few of the elements in the film:
The Ice: the concept behind the ice block (which was real!) was to take the video completely out of the normal cycling context, give a cool sensation and link it with the white-ice color gradient on the sleeves of each jersey. Digging a little deeper it was also a “Alien movie / War of the Worlds” idea that future technology had been frozen in time laying dormant waiting to break free.

The white material: this white fabric was to conceptualize the birth of an idea. The restless and almost aggressive emergence of a radical idea.
The setting: we’ve touched on the birth place of all our designs the “Givelo Lab” before, but here, we wanted to take it underground. Along with our mad scientist creating experiments and breaking free the jersey it touches on our design process of experimentation and implementation.

“Concept”: an abstract idea: The CNCPT jersey originally comes from the word concept and conceptual realities of products which give a preview of the future products and technologies to come. This film is an audio and visual representation of what comes from the deep tremors of your mind when you dream of what’s possible. The formation of a jersey that was frozen in time, hidden in shadows and forms that are not quite yet understandable. Slowly, these concepts and forms come together giving an ever-clearer picture.

As time thaws the frozen image slowly comes to life, and reveals itself. And what has come to life is a beast, a complete flood of adrenaline and white-knuckle energy that makes you want to pedal harder and faster.

Everything that was thrown into this film was raw and packed with energy to depict the aggressive and unrelenting power of an idea coming to life.

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