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Behind the scenes

Modern classic 2023

This would be the second Modern Classic collection by Givelo, and after the uproar of demand for the first collection, this one had to be conceptualized to a tee. If you are not familiar with the concept, the Modern Classic is all about “modernized heritage”. In other words, it is about learning from the past and bringing those characteristics into the modern era.

As almost all Givelo ideation begins, it starts with the fabric itself. For this collection, the original jersey material had to feature, but we also wanted to bring something new and special. After revisiting our supplier and after numerous swatches of new materials, we settled on our new waffle texture jersey which tied the whole concept together nicely. This waffle fabric sparked the initial ideas for how we wanted to portray the collection, with its classic chic, yet technological characteristics.


The question was, how can we communicate that idea of vintage couture mixed with textile engineering? Quickly it was clear that the scene for this video would need to be created out of our imagination. The visual impact we were searching for was pieced together from what we called the “modern classic sitting room”. This sitting room had to be vintage, elegant, a little funky and packed with small details that catch the eye; a true resemblance of the collection itself. This concept was impossible out on the road so we began planning the scene in a large studio in the hills of Medellín, Colombia. The rest, and what you see in the videos came quickly. This is normal for Givelo video shoots - improvisation plays a big role and we like to go with the flow of new ideas on the spot.

The plan was to create an unconventional environment in the cycling world and then zoom out from there to show the bones of the filming. Each element was carefully selected and each member played their part in the video.

A new element that came into play in this video was the format. We decided to film various short takes of different scenes instead of a longer video, like usual. Not only did we want to break the standard routine, but also to adapt to the viewing attention of social media users, and the algorithms of the platforms themselves. More and more we see that the content we create serves as a bridge to our brand, not as we thought about it before, a solo landing point where the viewer remains. So far, so good. The new videos have had the best traction than any before them, and we have been able to share more content with you. Soon we will be filming our next collection and we’ll begin to apply a similar theme. Don’t Settle.


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