The Modern Classic

The concept of a modern classic is somewhat of an oxymoron. Conjuring images of nostalgia, rich history against that of pushing into the modern world that cycling is continually becoming. Something James Bond-esque comes to mind, a nod to the old whilst making way for future technology and sleek design. The idea of this ride was somewhat the same. The infamous “hincapie” loop is both a classic ride going back many cycling era’s which contrasts to the modern day where all kinds of newfangled and expensive bikes can be seen taking on this route on the regular. The name of the route comes from the lesser - known George Hincapie, Lance Armstrong’s right hand man. This loop was coined the Hincapie loop as one of the classic training loops of the two americans.

The history of cycling and in turn, George and Lance is of course marred through their era in professional cycling. However it is still important to note this as it forms an important part in the story of this route and cycling as a whole.

Leaving behind the old and embracing the new, you are immersed in the beauty of this route. 

You can see why this loop has been cycled since anyone can remember, and as the sunset hits the top of Santa Pellaila mountain, everything else is forgotten as you breathe in the view.

The riders set out from the Oniria Cafe in Girona to take on the 60 km undulating route and to chase the sunset stained skies as the afternoon draws in. Cleo, Conn and Aleixx are riders of the modern era, they appreciate the classic, but they want to push forward and make cycling what it needs to be in the 21st century. Cycling for joy. Cycling for the adventure and cycling for the lifestyle. The 60km route takes in two mountains, Els Angels and Santa Pellaia which each offer something different as you pass through the quaint Catalan pueblos and into the Gavarres National Park.