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It is usual to wonder which is the most suitable Bib short for long rides.

Everyone has been hurt in the saddle several times, and we well know that these discomforts prevent us from enjoying our rides.


Shorts are the most crucial garment for a cyclist;
they define whether a ride is pleasant or
a complete disaster.

If our bib shorts don’t have a great
anatomically designed, or its pad is not
the appropriate one for the occasion,
we can be riding in a splendid landscape
with good friends, and even then, feel
we cannot stand the pain we feel
sitting on the saddle.

For this reason, our main focus while designing
the Classic Bib Shorts is to create the perfect
biometric fit and achieve the perfect
blend of subtlety, design,
and engineering. Poetry for our legs.


Highly stretch fabrics that compress perfectly to the body
High density pads (120 Kg/M3)
Rides Duration: 7 hours
The best anatomic design for absolute comfort
Textured and smooth fabrics that are pleasant to touch
Non-slip gripper on hems
Moisture transport yarns structure
UV Protection
Abrasion resistant
Certified fabrics with OEKO-TEX® and The bluesign® system



Here are the three pillars that every cyclist should
consider before purchasing a high-end Bib Short.


If we plan to go out and ride for several hours,
it is advisable to always use a high-density pad.
The density defines the pad’s capacity for recovery
and resistance to high pressures for specific periods.

Our high-density pads (120 kg/m3) allows us
to ride up to seven hours without
feeling saddle pressure.


The structure of the pad is a critical point.
A good anatomical design allows a feeling of
total comfort and optimal protection of the
perineum area and the sciatic nerve,
avoiding numbness or cramping.


The pads fabric has three key points:
temperature regulation, comfort, and hygiene.
Our fabric is the Elastic ® X-FIFTY.
A polyamide and polyester threads technology that
guarantees quick drying and cooling functions,
preventing the pad from getting wet and heavy with sweat.

Classic Bib Short pad is recommended
for 7 hour rides.

Pad density: 120 kg/m³


Take it to the next level


ULTRA cycling is a new global trend that
takes human capabilities to the next level.
Every day we see more non-professional
cyclists riding insane distances or competing
at top amateur levels around the world.

For these reasons, at Givelo, we believe that
technological developments
cannot remain exclusive to pro cyclists.
It is time to put it at the service of all those
who want to overcome their limits.

The High-Density Bib short was designed and tested
for years by plenty of pro cyclists to create the
perfect garment for 8 + hours rides.
It’s clean-cut design provides better compression
and allows the legs blood to circulate much better,
generating a lower sensation of fatigue.

It’s new ultra-density pad has soft wings that allow
greater freedom of movement and protects the
inner-leg area from chafing

This piece takes comfort to a whole new level.
Because it never gets easier, you just go faster.


Clean cut design with grip on legs
Ultra-Density pad (200 Kg/M3)
Rides Duration: 8 hours +
Reflective heat-transfer for better visibility
Moisture Transport
Pleasant touch Bib’s fabrics
Anti-bacterial & Anti-Odor treatment
UV protection rate
Certified fabrics with OEKO-TEX® and The bluesign® system



Here are the three pillars of the Ultra density Bib Short’s pad.

HCS Technology

This new ultra-density Italian
technology is called the “hybrid cell
system” (HCS). It is a mixed cell
structure that combines four types of
foam densities, each with an
unprecedented recovery capacity.

Ultra High-density

With an impressive density of 200 kg / m³,
the hybrid cell system brings the pads
to a whole new level of innovation,
which makes our ultra-high-density Bib Short the
best choice for ultra-long rides (8+ hour rides).


These pads have soft wings that allow
greater freedom of movement and protect
the inner area of ​​the leg against the friction generated
by pedaling. It also has laser-cut holes that
reduce temperature and increase breathability.

High-Density Bib Short is recommended
for 8+ hour rides

Pad density: 200 kg/m³

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